picture of a sad woman needing therapy

Healing is possible

Help is available at Healing Ketamine in Orem, Utah, if constant hopelessness and ideation of not being here consume you. Ketamine infusions are a highly treatment for suicidal ideation to improve your mood and quality of life.

Suicidality Treatment

Ketamine has been shown to have a rapid effect on depressive symptoms and suicidal ideation after a single dose. Recent research has found that suicidal thinking diminished for six weeks with one ketamine treatment. By comparison, antidepressants take weeks to months to work, if they work at all. Ketamine triggers new and stronger connections between neurons. As new neural pathways develop, the brain becomes more adaptable.

Ketamine modifies the default mode network, disrupts thalamo cortical relays and enhances neuroplasticity. Quite simply it offers a new way of thinking, particularly about one’s own life and the big picture of our existence. People come away with a refreshed look at their life journey and their options for change.

Many providers have been turning to the use of ketamine infusions to rapidly reduce suicidal thoughts and attempts of suicide.