KAP for Couples

picture of a sad woman needing therapy

Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAT) for couples is an innovative and deeply healing approach to couples therapy. Through KAT, couples can explore underlying patterns in their relationship dynamics that may be difficult to identify without psychedelic assistance. KAT allows each persons wall to come down and be able to access more deeply layered issues.

In working with couples, KAT fosters:

1) increased emotional openness

2) acceptance of difficult feelings

3) improved communication skills

4) enhanced creativity for problem-solving

5) accelerated learning about oneself and one’s partner

6) advanced healing from traumas or psychological and emotional wounds

7) improved ability for forgiveness for one’s self or others involved in the relationship

8) increased trust between partners

9) opportunity for greater intimacy and love between them

It has been proposed that since psychedelics are known to increase empathy towards others as well as help reduce fear-avoidance behavior associated with common mental health issues by helping individuals confront uncomfortable thoughts or feelings instead of avoiding them.

This may potentially be beneficial when applied to couple’s therapy because it can help dissolve long-standing negative patterns between spouses that were previously too difficult to address.

It is important to note that KAT should not be done without the guidance of a qualified professional, who is knowledgeable about psychedelics and trained in working with them safely as part of therapy sessions. Healing Ketamine can provide this space for you through carefully monitored sessions facilitated by highly trained therapists.