"The individuals you will encounter here are exceptional in all aspects of care and have always ensured comfort."
Victoria A.
"I did a full ketamine treatment here with them and it's awesome."
Alan R.
"Incredibly effective treatment for me. I felt the effects immediately after only one session and they lasted."
David M.
"Very quick and professional at this place."
Shantara S.
" I also have had half as many headache days as I usually had. My quality of life has gone up so much."
Normandy L.
"Absolutely loved my experience here! Everyone is so kind and I’ve never felt more taken care of. "
Morgan H.

Patients reviews

This was a healing miracle for our family. We started out hopeful, but skeptical, that this treatment would help our son, and we watched the miracle unfold. Kendall and Megan accommodated us so well and supported us through the entire process. For anyone looking for something to help with depression and anxiety, this is a treatment that worked well for our very sick patient. Thank you, again. What you are doing is life changing!

Rene Cunningham | Sep 04, 2022

Dillon Snyder | Sep 02, 2022

Kendall is the best. He’s kind and funny and also an excellent Anesthetist. The ketamine therapy has done wonders for my healing.

Bonnie G. | Jul 29, 2022

Awesome! It’s made huge difference. They make you feel comfortable and safe

jan jorgensen | Jul 26, 2022

great guy. ,… great sense of humor….

Jack G. | Jul 26, 2022

Anna Jorgensen | Jul 22, 2022

I did all suggested 6 ketamine sessions, and it has done wonders for me. I went through a traumatic experience in 2020, and although so much healing has happened, ketamine took it one step further. The days are way more doable, I can function so much better, and simply put, it has taken the edge off. I’m happier and I’m able to brush things off way faster and easier. I feel more like myself again, and I’m so grateful. Kendall, their infusion specialist, is also a riot and will make you laugh and feel so comfortable during the process. Thank you!

Megan Marshall | Jun 15, 2022

Kendall is amazing at what he does. Took the time to answer all my questions before treatment and was so kind and personable at each session. Combined with Whitney’s therapy expertise it was a great experience all around. It’s amazing how much better I feel! Thank you team!

Tammy Hirst | Jun 10, 2022