Medication Management

Medication Management services offered in Orem, UT

If you take medications for a mental health condition, chronic pain, or another medical issue, the experts at Healing Ketamine in Orem, Utah, are here for you. Kendall Miller, CRNA, BLS, ACLS, and the exceptional team offer medication management to maximize your health with the lowest risk of side effects and complications. To learn more, call the office to schedule an appointment or book one online today.

Medication Management Q&A

What is medication management?

Medication management involves making sure the medicine or medical marijuana you take is helpful for your condition. If you take medications for chronic pain, a chronic disease, or a mental health disorder, the experts at Healing Ketamine help manage your condition and medication dosages. 

If you take multiple medications, including those designed for depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders, they take care to reduce your risk of medication interactions.

The Healing Ketamine team provides ketamine infusion therapy to help you manage pain or your mood without harsh medications or the need for invasive procedures.

What are the benefits of medication management?

Some of the benefits you can expect when choosing medication management with the Healing Ketamine experts include:

  • Mood improvements
  • Less ongoing pain
  • Low risk of side effects and complications
  • No opioid addiction
  • Reduced risk of medication interactions
  • Improvements in the quality of life

Healing Ketamine specialists are highly trained in medication management to ensure the best outcome for your physical health, mental health, and wellness.

What should I expect during medication management?

When you meet with a Healing Ketamine provider, they discuss your symptoms, lifestyle habits, medical history, and current medication regimen. They check your vital signs, complete a physical exam, and perform a psychiatric assessment to assess your mental health.

You may need blood tests or other diagnostic tests that allow your provider to determine which medication regimen and dosages best match your needs. 

What are my treatment options?

Some of the medication management options available at Healing Ketamine include:

Prescription medication management 

Taking oral medicines is common if you have a chronic disease, depression, anxiety, or another mental health disorder. Your Healing Ketamine specialist helps you properly manage your medication regimen.

Ketamine infusion therapy program

During ketamine infusion therapy, your provider infuses ketamine (an anesthetic) directly into your bloodstream to reduce pain or symptoms associated with a mental health disorder. 

In addition to managing your medication, making lifestyle changes may reduce the need to take medications or allow you to take lower dosages. Eat nutritious foods, keep stress levels low, don’t smoke or drink excessively, get plenty of sleep, and exercise regularly. 

Psychotherapy sessions are also helpful. Your therapist teaches you behavioral-change strategies to better cope with a chronic disease, mental health disorder, or ongoing pain.

To learn more about medication management at Healing Ketamine and reap the benefits of this exceptional service, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.